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Egg Sandwich:
Choose: Bagel, English Muffin, 7 Grain or Butter Croissant - (add.50) or Gluten Free - (add 1.50)
Egg & Cheese Melt 3.00
Egg, Meat & Cheese Melt 4.00 (Applewood Bacon, Sausage or Ham)
Egg Whites: Add .50

Quiche: $4.50
Served on a bed of mixed greens

The North Sandwich: 5.95
Everything bagel topped with vegetable cream cheese, tomato, bacon and sprouts topped with melted cheddar

Latin Love: 6.95
Whole wheat wrap, scrambled eggs, bacon, avocado, onion, tomato, parmesan, sour cream and pickled jalapeño

Lots O’ Lox: 7.95
Nova lox with plain cream cheese, sliced tomato, cucumbers and sprouts on any bagel choice

Mountain Momma Burrito: 5.95
Whole wheat wrap with egg whites, tomatoes, green pepper, onion, spinach, avocado & feta

Bagel: 1.75
Bagel with Spread:
Peanut Butter or Jam 1.95
Plain Cream Cheese, (regular or light) 2.50
Vegetable or Specialty Cream Cheese 2.75

Fresh Pastries made on site available daily


Roasted Turkey & Avocado: 8.95
7-grain, pesto mayo, applewood bacon, cheddar, lettuce, tomato & onion

Granny Gruyere: 7.95
Roasted Turkey, bulkie roll, mayo, caramelized onion, bacon, green apple & gruyere

Croque Monsieur: 7.95
7-grain, black forest ham, tomato, gruyere & Dijon

Roast Beef: 7.95
Bulkie roll, gorgonzola, toasted walnuts, fresh basil & mayo

Chicken Salad: 7.95
Wrap, sage, red onion, celery, parsley, provolone, lettuce & tomato

Albacore Tuna Salad: 7.95
Marbled rye, red onion, lemon, lettuce & tomato

Hummus: 7.95
Lettuce, tomato, red onion, cucumbers, carrots, roasted red peppers, black olives, avocado & sprouts

Fresh Mozzarella: 5.95
Pesto mayo, caramelized red onion & sautéed spinach

Grilled Cheese: 3.95
7-grain, American & cheddar

Pb&J: 2.25
7-grain, peanut butter & raspberry jam
DESIGN YOUR OWN SANDWICH    $6.95   (includes Lettuce, Tomato & Onion)

Any sandwich can be pressed: Add .50
Choose Bread: 7-grain, Jewish Rye, Bulkie Roll, Bagel, Butter Croissant - (add.50) Wrap - (additional .75) or
Gluten Free Whole Grain - (add 1.50)

Choose Protein: Roasted Turkey, Roast Beef, Black Forest Ham, Applewood Bacon, Chicken Salad, Albacore Tuna Salad, Hummus, Cheese

Choose Dressing: Mayo: Regular or Pesto, Mustard-Yellow, Honey or Dijon, Peppercorn Parmesan, Horseradish or Hot Relish
(More than 1- Add .35)

Choose Cheese:  Add .35 Each American, Swiss, Provolone, Sharp Cheddar, Gruyere, Feta, Gorgonzola or Mozzarella

Extra Yummies: (price per ingredient)
Add .35: Spinach, Black Olives, Cucumber, Shredded Carrot, Green Bell pepper, or Pickle
Add .50: Snow Pea Sprouts
 Add 1.00 Roasted Red Peppers, Avocado or Bacon

SOUPS (seasonal): Homemade with bread
Small $4.00 / Large $5.00 / with 1/2 Sandwich $7.95
Garden Salad: Small 3.95 / Large 5.95
 Mixed greens, shredded carrot, green pepper, tomato & cucumber
Add Chicken or Tuna Salad: 2.00

Lovely Lavender: Small 4.95 / Large 6.95
Mixed greens, tomato, cucumber, dried cranberry, almonds, avocado & fresh lavender

Caesar: Small 4.95 / Large 6.95
Green leaf with cucumber, parmesan, roasted turkey, hard-boiled egg, homemade croutons & Caesar

Cobb Salad: Small 5.95 / Large 7.95
Green leaf with roasted-turkey, tomato, hard-boiled egg, bacon, avocado & gorgonzola

Mediterranean: Small 5.95 / Large 7.95
Green Leaf with artichoke heart, roasted red peppers, garbanzo beans, green pepper, black olives & feta

Dressings: Honey Dijon, Peppercorn Parm, Creamy Caesar, Thai Sesame Lime, Greek Feta, Raspberry Vinaigrette (lite) or
Olive Oil & Balsamic


Warm Up…

Coffee: Small 1.75, Large 2.10
Tea: Small 1.50, Large 1.75
Café Au Lait: Small 2.10, Large 2.50
Chai: Small 2.50, Large 3.00
Latte, (Regular): Small 2.50, Large 3.00, with Flavor Shot, Add .50
Honey Baby Latte: Small 3.00, Large 3.50
Milky Way Latte: Small 3.50, Large 4.00
Cappuccino: Small 2.50, Large 3.00
Steamer: Small 1.75, Large 2.25
Honey Baby Steamer: Small 2.00, Large 2.50 (Vanilla, Honey & Milk)
Hot Chocolate: Small 2.50, Large 3.00
Espresso: Single 1.50, Double 2.25

Cool Down…
Iced Coffee: Small 2.25, Large 3.00
Iced Tea: (unsweetened black or flavor of the day) Small 2.25, Large 3.00
Iced Chai: Small 2.75, Large 3.50
Iced Latte: Small 2.75, Large 3.50, with Flavor Shot, Add .50
Iced Milky Way Latte: Small 3.75, Large 4.50
Hand Squeezed Lemonade: Small 2.25, Large 3.00

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